September 02, 2014

December 2001 - The Whole Enchilada

From Stephen White of Austin, this excerpt from a disciplinary hearing before the Texas Board of Medical Examiners heard by Administrative Judge Ann Landeros.

Q. And do you have your office space within this 1.4-mile area?

A. I do not.

Q. And some physicians do and some physicians don’t?

A. Correct.

Q. But having — based upon your experience at the various hospitals, do all of the ophthalmologists who have — who are — have a special training or such specialty in guacamole —

THE COURT: You want a motion to strike?

MR. PICKENS: Move to strike guacamole and insert enchilada.

Q. (By Mr. Pickens) Let’s get back to the situation, and we’re talking about the whole enchilada here or tortilla here, it looks like on the map here. Do all of the physicians who have subspecialty training in glaucoma have privileges in all the hospitals?