August 06, 2014

September 2001 - Doing Voir Dire

From Pierre T. Williams of El Paso (Pierre is an Assistant County attorney), this excerpt from voir dire in a juvenile delinquency proceeding.

Mr. Williams: We're going to have police officers testify. Does anyone believe that they always tell the truth or always lie? Anyone, by a show of hands.

Venire Person 46: In my past experience with the law, I believe they have a consistent by and large lying way of doing things.

Mr. Williams: Say that again?

Venire Person: I believe 80 percent of all police officers are chronic, habitual, pathological liars.

Mr. Williams: Are there any police officers in here?
[The venireman seated immediately next to this person raises his hand and the entire room erupts in laughter]

The Court: Why don't you tell us what you really think?

Mr. Williams: You just happen to be sitting right next to a police officer.