August 08, 2014

November 1993 - What Kind of Doctor Is He?

From Jack C. Eisenberg of Austin (Byrd, Davis & Eisenberg), this excerpt from the deposition of a personal injury plaintiff:

Q. Do you know a Dr. Parker?

A. Yes. It was - the 9th is when I had an appointment with Dr. Parker ...

Q. What kind of doctor is Dr. Parker?

A. He is a - Well, he is a gentleman. He is not real old. He is kind of thin.

Q. Is he a medical doctor? A. Yes, he's a doctor.


From Scott S. Vasquez of Houston (Mallia & Jacobs), this deposition excerpt from a suit alleging that someone in an attorney's office had forged a client's name on insurance checks and a release:

Q. Do you know who Dr. Alex Melvin Wade, Jr., is?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. Who is he?

A. He - he worked for me about - maybe about a month in 1991.

Q. In what capacity?

A. As a paralegal.

Q. He was a doctor of what?

A. That was his first name, "Doctor."

Q. He wasn't an M.D.?

A. No. Nor a Ph.D., nor a J.D.

Q. Are you saying that "Doctor" was his first legal name?

A. According to him.

Q. And did you put Doctor Alex Melvin Wade, Jr.'s name
on your letterhead?

A. Yes.