August 18, 2014

June 2001 - Classic Typos

(1) From M.C. (Rick) Walton of Houston (Union Pacific Railroad), this typo he found in a classified advertisement that appeared in the Texas Bar Journal just two pages before the "et cetera" column.

There are vacancies for patent attorneys with the Navel Research Laboratory (NRL) at its Washington, D.C., and Bay St. Louis, Miss. locations.

(2) From Randy Schaffer of Houston, this typo from a petition for habeas corpus relief. ...Applicant was denied a fair and impartial judge and sentencing hearing because the visiting judge, by deferring to jury verdicts in other cases, abdicated his responsibility to assess punishment based on applicant's individualized circumstances. Applicant is entitled to be resented by a different judge.

(3) From Clifford F. McMaster of Fort Worth, this typo made by a pro se plaintiff in an answer filed in a federal civil case in an "Answer to Order (sic) to Show Cause": To the horrible Judge Terry R. Means ....

(4) From District Court Judge Teresa K. Luther of Grand Island, Neb., this typo from a Petition to Modify child support that is currently pending in her court: The Petitioner has a new position whereby his wages have deceased.

(5) From District Judge Joe M. Leonard of Greenville (169th Judicial District), this typo from a brief in a consumer case. The Ard court further went on to disavow the Lee decision and accept instead the descent from the Lee decision.