August 29, 2014

December 1994 - Something Entirely Different

From William H. Ibbotson of Austin (assistant federal public defender), an excerpt from a civil deposition - which was preceded by the return of a subpoena duces tecum stating:

Served on residence of Patricia Denny ... at home address as stated by former employer. In driveway was a mid-80s Cadillac Seville. Sounds heard inside home but no one would answer door - after 20 minutes subpoena left in flower pot outside/beside front door about 7:56 a.m. (1-14-92.)

Then, in the resulting civil deposition of Patricia Denny, several mysteries are quickly explained.

Q. Ms. Denny, I believe you have had an opportunity to review what has been marked as Denny Exhibit Nos. one, two, and three. Would you briefly, for the record, state what those three documents are?

A. Okay. This is the deposition subpoena - it's number one - that was delivered to my rose bush.

Def. Attorney: Delivered to your rose bush?

A. To my rose bush. It states here that there was a Cadillac outside. That's true. It doesn't work. The only ones home were two cats.