August 04, 2014

December 1993 - Did He Really Say That?

From Leslie R. Weatherhead of Spokane, WA (Witherspoon, Kelley, etc.), this "gem from a Secret Service 'Q and A' of a guy who designed an impressive scheme to defraud banks through the use of phony checks to fictitious payees such as 'Robin Banks' and 'E. Z. Mooney'."

Q. You were the planner of everything? From the very beginning? I mean from the beginning when you went into the bank fraud business?

A. Ah....

Q. Take it city by city, might make it easier.

A. There was other people, like I say, in the beginning that was involved. When the bank fraud started and it was brought to my attention, I said that's wrong. From then on, I guess I become the ring leader.

Q. You said it was wrong, but yet, even though it was wrong...

A. It was wrong the way they was doing it.

Q. Oh, they weren't doing it correctly. OK.