July 21, 2014

October 1996 - We Just Made Buchmeyer

From Judge David M. McCoy of Childress (presiding judge, 199th District Court), these two examples of "making Buchmeyer" - an invaluable and painfully descriptive phrase - that took place in two separate revocation cases he heard on the same day, with the same two attorneys: District Attorney Earl Griffin and defense attorney Randall Sims.

The Powell Case
By Mr. Griffin:

Q. Mrs. Powell, would you state your name for the court, please?

A. Marjorie L. Powell.

Q. Mrs. Powell, how are you related to Danny Powell?

A. I'm his mother.

Q. And you've known Danny, I guess all his life, right?

Mr. Sims: Judge, I think we just made Buchmeyer.

The Gonzales Case
By Mr. Sims:

Q. Where [are] your kids you keep referring to?

A. Well, with their mother, I guess. I haven't talked to her mother - well, my daughter was with my girlfriends' mom and -

Q. Where's she live?

A. In Paducah.

Q. How many children do you have?

A. I've got one and one on the way.

Q. Where is the one on the way at?

A. With her mom.

Mr. Sims: I may have just made Buchmeyer, too.