July 18, 2014

December 1996 - The Court Reporters Have Done It Again!

Lynn Brooks of Dallas, who is (among other things) the book review editor of the Journal of Court Reporting, writes:

The National Court Reporters Association has done it again: put together the third book of collected humor - stuff that lawyers and witnesses wish they'd never said.

A. I told my attorney that I'd take that polyester test to show I wasn't lying, but no one ever game me one ...

Q. Can yeast infections give rise to anything else that you are aware of?

Q. I understand you recently gave birth to twins.
A. Yes, Ma'am.
Q. That's two babies?
A. Yes.

Q. So, that isn't correct; is that correct?

Court: To the charge of driving while intoxicated, how do you plead?
Defendant: Drunk.