June 09, 2014

September 2005 - Exploratory Surgery

This marvelous (!!) contribution is from John E. Haught of Beaumont (Mehaffy Weber, P.C.). It is from a recent deposition he took “of an elderly plaintiff who got right to the point in explaining her physician’s motivation in performing ‘exploratory surgery’ on her”:

Q. Have you ever been hospitalized?

A. Yes.

Q. For what type condition?

A. I had surgery for adhesions in ’83, and that was my last one.

Q. Okay. What type of adhesions?

A. They were from old surgeries.

Q. Okay. What type of surgeries?

A. I had an appendectomy, and they removed a tube. Then I had another surgery; they took out an ovary. And then I had adhesions; and the rest of them are just adhesions, exploratory.

Q. What were they searching for in these exploratory surgeries?

A. Money. That’s the best answer I can give.

Mr. Haught (wisely): We can go off the record.