June 13, 2014

March 2006 - The "Project Engineer"

This marvelous contribution, from Timothy K Borchers of Seattle, Wash. (Cozen O'Connor), is from a deposition of a "project engineer."

Q. Now let's go back to Exhibit 18. It looks to me like this pump submittal from SRV is dated Oct. 14, 2002. Right?

A. That's the date of this letter, correct.

Q. Okay. And SRV was required to submit this pump submittal five days after the execution of the contract, which they received on Oct. 9. So 14 minus 9 is how many?

A. I don't know. I need a calculator.

Q. You need a calculator to subtract 9 from 14?

A. Yeah.

Q. You're the project engineer on a $5 million infrastructure project, and you're telling me you need a calculator to subtract 9 from 14?

A. We always have calculators.

Q. Really, you can't subtract 9 from 14 without a calculator?

A. It's 6.

Q. Actually, Ms. ______, I think it's 5.

A. I think I told you I need a calculator.

Q. Okay. Should we be a little concerned about the fact that you're handling millions of dollars of local, state, and federal funds at this point?

Mr. ______: Objection; argumentative.