June 20, 2014

March 1988 - All in a Day's Work

This one was sent to me by Tom Mills - actually Thomas W. Mills, Jr., P.C. - of Dallas (Vial, Hamilton). He found it in a column written for "The Champion" (a NACDL publication), by Charles M. Sevilla, a San Diego attorney who collects excerpts from trial transcripts destined to become "Great Moments In Courtroom History."

Q. What did you do that day, during that day?

A. I went out and crushed somebody's elbow that owed me some money and then I went and kicked the door in and took care of some other people, then I went back to the hotel, took a shower, went out and talked to a police officer. And after I left him I went down and made a big scene at the hot dog stand and I came back to the Gilbert Hotel because he was getting a little bit too upset and after that, that was it. That was my daytime story.

Q. When you say you created a scene at the hot dog stand, to what are you referring?

A. Well, I said I created a scene.

Q. What did you do?

A. I was checking another biker's I.Q.

Q. What did you say to the man?

A. You know, I think I forgot.

Q. You personally fought three people?

A. Well, I wouldn't look at it as fighting three people. I look at it as a good workout.

Q. How did you almost put him in the hospital?

A. I don't know - let me crush your hip bone a little bit and see what happens.

Q. You didn't do anything wrong, did you, with this man that slipped down the stairs?

A. I helped him along.