June 06, 2014

February 2006 - So there's a Chance?

From Ryan Foster of Houston (Ryan A. Foster & Associates), this testimony from a recent deposition in an asbestosis case:

Q: (By defense lawyer): I'll admit that's a tough sentence for me to intepret. But at least one clause of that sentence says, "smoking alone can cause in rare cases an ILO score of one over zero. Is that how you would read it as well?

A: (Expert) Well, it says rarely. But, yeah, I mean, I suppose if you were ... with all due respect, and I know you're good at this, okay. But the way you asked reminds me of the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Jim Carey asks the girl what are the chances that we'll end up together? And she says ... "one in a million" and he says, "so there's a chance." It reminds me of that.