May 02, 2014

January 1997 - Did They Really Say That?

From Jeffrey S. Levin of Plainview (Jeffrey is an attorney with Texas Rural Legal Aid), this excerpt from a two-day deposition in a minimum wage case involving 54 migrant and seasonal farm workers. The witness is the owner of a produce shed called "Casa de Calabaza" (the House of Squash). Jeffrey explains that after two full 10-hour days, "everybody got a little punchy" and could "barely pronounce words" - and "we all laughed when nobody could pronounce Lazbuddie." Then:

Q. Was this a loan of the harvest belt or was it a lease?

A. Well, it was up in the air. He wanted to sell them to us and we said, "If we can make them work and make our deal work we will buy them from you."

Q. Okay. And, what happened to those?

A. They were returned.

Q. Well, once you went to get them over in Lazbuddie, once "Lalo" and Glenn Odom went to get them in Lazbuddie, what did they do with them?

A. Lazbuddie?

Q. Lazbuddie, I know. I'm having a hard time pronouncing anything right now.

A. Join the club, try it without teeth.