April 16, 2014

March 2005 - Did She/He Really Say That?

From Kristy Crawford of Tyler (court reporter for Judge Carole Clark, 321st District Court), this excerpt from a recent proceeding in court:

Mr. Sinclair: Judge, I agree with most of what Mr. Hogan said, but not everything.

The Court: Okay.

Mr. Sinclair: You did order it just the way it reads on the docket sheet, Judge. ... The issue here is why did you order that? First of all, you ordered -

The Court: I can't tell you why.

Mr. Sinclair: I'm going to, hopefully, refresh your memory.

The Court: No. But, I mean, you can't inquire into the judicial process of the brain.

Mr. Sinclair: Of "the" brain?

The Court: Of the judge's brain - if she has one.