February 11, 2014

April 1985 - But I'll Try To Do Better

From Judge Stephen B. Ables of Kerrville (216th District Court), this excerpt from an arraignment held in June 1989. The defendant, who was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, asked for an appointed attorney — and Judge Ables began the "routine" inquiry concerning the indigent status of the defendant.

Q. (By the Court) Mr. Jones, how long have you been in custody?

A. A month and a half.

Q. What did you do before you were incarcerated?

A. I manufactured methamphetamine.

[At this point the district attorney almost incurred a hernia trying to suppress a guffaw.]

Q. You did what?

A. I cooked at McDonald's.

COURT: Thank you Mr. Jones. [Aside to the court reporter] You didn't miss any of that did you?

COURT REPORTER: Absolutely not.