January 10, 2014

November 1988 - We Call Her "The Creeper"

From still another criminal case:

Q. Your grandmother, what's her age?

A. She was 88.

Q. Do you have a nickname for her?

A. The Creeper.

Q. Why do you call her The Creeper?

A. Because she's like a ghost, you know, when you're sitting in the living room or doing something, you know, the next thing you know, there she is standing there. She creeped up on you, you know.

Q. Does she have a tendency to go around at night?

A. She does it all the time. It drives you crazy.

Q. You can't tell for sure when she's going to move?

A. That's right.

Q. Does she move at one hour intervals, two hour intervals?

A. She moves when the move hit her.

Q. So, there is no way of telling when The Creeper is on the move ... and it's not a very private place, is it?

A. No.

Q. Does she see well?

A. Yes, that's one of her finer traits.

Q. Does she hear well?

A. Well, she don't hear that well, but she tells us what she wants to hear ...

Q. Does she know when James Mills may have a girl in his room?

A. Every time.