January 07, 2014

February 1993 - Child's Play

From Steven R. Rosen of Houston, this excerpt from his closing argument in a capital murder trial in the 268th District Court of Fort Bend County. Steven explains that "I often quote philosophers during many of my final arguments" and that "when I read the transcript...I was quite surprised that Ed Meaux, court reporter (and one of my closest and dearest friends) did not understand that I meant to quote the famous Greek philosopher, Plato."

...This is not a barbaric society. This is not a society that has been based on anger and violence and hatred. I have suffered just like you have suffered the past two weeks, and I'm no great philosopher, but I went back because I wanted you to think about what the argument is on. What in the world is this attorney talking about, where could I say something that will have some influence and it was Play-Dough that I found...