December 18, 2013

November 1989 - I'm Glad We Cleared That Up

From Charles W. Hury of McAllen (Atlas & Hall), this exchange from the trial of a death case in Hidalgo County. After cross-examining the defendant's foreman "concerning the use and maintenance of the product involved," the plaintiff's attorney asked a relatively standard question to establish that the deceased was a Nice Guy.

Q. Was he considered a good employee?

A. He was good but undependable.

Plaintiff's attorney then decides to try to undo the damage he has just done by emphasizing the employee's exemplary performance on the day of the accident.

Q. Well, that morning you went over to wake him up around midnight or so to tell him to be here at 5:00 and he was here at 5:00, wasn't he?

A. Yeah, it shocked me too.