October 10, 2013

May 2008 - I Was A Hot Dog

This contribution from District Judge Ron Ennis of Dumas (69th Judicial District). It involves a wrongful termination case that Ron heard by assignment in Randall County, Charlotte Bingham of Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam of Lubbock was questioning the jury panel about their experience with losing employment.

Ms. Bingham: Did your - the employer have any kind of grievance procedure that you could follow in connection with your termination?

Juror: No.

Ms. Bingham: I think I got everybody on that side. Anybody else on this side who was terminated? Sir, how long ago was it?

Juror: Fifteen, give or take.

Ms. Bingham: Okay. Do you believe you were wrongfully terminated?

Juror: I was a hot dog and didn't have enough mustard to go around.

Ms. Bingham: Okay.