September 26, 2013

March 1996 - Verbal Typos

(1) From Linda J. Stanley of Austin (Tomlinson & Stanley), this docket call announcement made "many moons ago" by her partner, Denise P. Tomlinson:

(case called by Judge Harley Clark)

Ms. Tomlinson: I have an agreed honor, your order.

(2) From Thomas G. Reid of Largo, Fla. (Tom is general counsel of Martin Marietta Specialty Component), this classic typo from the file department. Tom explains: One of my responsibilities includes the review of contract terms and conditions. I asked my new secretary to establish a file on T's and C's. She dutifully provided me with a file appropriately labeled "tease and seize." To this day I have no idea what she thought I ws going to put into that file.

(3) Another contribution from Harding J. Rome of Houston, this verbal typo that occurred in a deposition taken by Pamela Fulbright-Schever of his office:

Q. So you were living in Houston back then, in the 1960s?

A. No ma'am. I went back and forth. I transmuted, whatever they called it, from La Marque to Houston.