September 16, 2013

March 1988 - Does Orkin Know About This?

Ben Taylor, who works as a briefing attorney for Judge Kilgarlin of the Texas Supreme Court, found this testimony in a gas explosion case (reported at 736 S.W.2d 836). He explains that the defense attorney "was attempting to cross-examine one of the plaintiff's fact witness."

Q. Did you ever see any roaches killed by natural gas?

A. I'm sure a lot of them died when it blew up.

Q. No, but I am talking about —

The Judge: At least I hope so.

Q. Did you see any of those that were blown up?

The Judge: Did you see any mangled bodies of roaches?

A. Please repeat the question.

Q. Prior to the explosion, did you ever see any roaches that have been asphyxiated by the natural gas?

A. I wouldn't — I don't recall. I wouldn't know if a roach had died from gas.

The Judge: A natural death, or —

Plaintiff's Attorney: No autopsies were done on the roaches.

Q. We don't have any further questions of this witness.