September 24, 2013

December 1999 - Things Went to the Birds From There

From Darryl S. Vereen of El Paso (Mounce, Green, etc.) this excerpt "from the deposition of an architect in a wrongful death case in which the Decedent was killed when a large, unbraced cinder block wall under construction collapsed on him. The issue was whether the Decedent had ordered placement of some chicken wire, thereby necessitating removal of the wall braces."

Q. Mr. McCormick, am I correct that any potential criticism that you might have of chicken wire is related solely and only to the fact that the bracing was taken down to attach it.

A. (No verbal response).

Q. There's noting inherently wrong with chicken wire; am I right?

A. Not that I know of.

Q. All right.

A. Chickens may not like it, but -