September 09, 2013

April 1985 - Some Kinda Guy

From Jessica Stettler of Dallas (Office of the City Attorney), this deposition in a personal injury case, Jessica explains: "The deponent [being cross examined] is a biker who drove "Blue," his Harley Davidson, into a city curb on a Saturday night and injured himself and the girl bartender on the back of his bike. They have mostly recovered, but I believe Old Blue is still in a coma. The case is set for trial.

Q. But as far as my original question, you don't know of any medical reason or any reason why your memory got worse the longer you stayed in the hospital?

A. I don't know unless it was something the hospital was feeding me.

Q. Are you currently taking any medication?

A. Yes, I am.

Q. What are you taking?

A. I have never had nor will I ever have an epileptic attack, but part of my brain is missing so the doctor for insurance purposes gives me Dilantin because the back side of my brain is missing. Einstein only used eight percent of his brain. What do I care if a fourth of it is missing?

Q. Did you really lose a fourth of your brain?

A. Yes.