April 11, 2013

July 1993 - Who Said Vaudeville Was Dead?

From Ronald E. Bunch of Waxahachie, this excerpt from a criminal trial: Ron is questioning the deputy sheriff about his appearance in a line-up.

Q. And do you remember how you were dressed [for the line-up]?

A. Yeah, dress slacks and a grey short-sleeved shirt, if my memory serves me correctly.

Q. Did you have a Texas Law Enforcement belt buckle on?

A. Yes, sir, I did.

Q. And it had the State Seal, so it's some sort of law enforcement belt buckle; is that right?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. You said you removed it prior to going in the line-up?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. I thought you said the other day you had to keep your hands in front of you?

A. I did. I had to hold my pants up, sir.