August 31, 2012

October 1994 - The Jim Cowles Collection

From Jim E. Cowles of Dallas (Cowles & Thompson), this from a plaintiff's deposition - one of the "3,032 plaintiffs ... in the infamous Lone Star Steel cases, pending in Morris County since 1987" - taken by Jim Harris of Beaumont (Holmes & Harris).

Q. What did your sister die of?

A. You would have to ask her - I would be speculating if I told you.

Jim adds suggested follow-up questions: from our Astute Attorneys include (1) Do you have her telephone number and is it long-distance? (2) So, then, would it be your suggestion that we contact Shirley MacLaine? (3) Would you mind if I sent this to Buchmeyer's column?

And about Jim Cowles, from Gregory J. McCarthy of Dallas, this excerpt from a deposition taken by him and Stan Thiebaud(Cowles & Thompson).

Q. Did Mr. Thiebaud tell you which firm he was with?

A. Yes.

Q. What's the name of his firm?

A. What is it? Thompson - I'm sorry.

Mr. Thiebaud: That's part of it.

A. Thompson & - God.

Q. You don't remember right now?

A. No, I don't.

Gregory adds: "It's good to know that Jim Cowles had finally gotten the recognition he so richly deserves.