April 23, 2012

May 1990 - Many of Us Have the Same Problem Tom

Jerome Aldrich of Angleton (and a Brazoria County assistant district attorney) sent this trial excerpt with the simple observation that it "shows that all prosecutor Tom Selleck (not related to the movie star of the same name) and the defense attorney, Lloyd Stansbury, wanted during jury voir dire was an UNBIASED jury." 

Mr. Selleck: I certainly thank ya'll for your time and you've been very helpful to myself. Anybody that has any questions of me based on anything I've said? Okay. Thank you. 

Ms. Grigsby: You're not going to use the back row? 

Mr. Selleck: Well, I'm a laywer and if I talk to the back row it will take another 45 minutes. 

Ms. Grigsby: You know what, I find you very attractive and I might be biased in a different sense. I'm afraid I might decide for you. 

Mr. Selleck: That's a first for me I assure you, but thank you. 

The Court: Counsel, you have exceeded your 45-minutes, if that helps you any. 

Mr. Selleck: Thank you, Your Honor. The judge has given me my out. Thank you very much. 

The Court: Mr. Stansbury. 

Mr. Stansbury: Thank you, Your Honor. 

Unidentified Juror: Let's see you top that. 

Mr. Stansbury: I'm not even going to try.