March 02, 2011

October 1999 - Be Very Careful With Experts

From Douglas S. Malany of McAllen (Barron, Orendain, Malany & Flanagan), this excerpt from his deposition of the defendant's medical expert.

Q. [Dr. Caram], how much are they paying you for this work, sir?

A. I don't know what Mr. DiCaro pays me by the hour.

Q. Mr. Franke gets 50 bucks an hour. What do you get?

A. I really don't know what A.J.'s paying me by the hour. I don't pay attention to that until I receive a case, it's I get paid by the inch of paperwork.

Q. Well, this is a three-and-a-half inch case.

A. Oh, no, no. It's much more than that. ... The initial box that came to me had three-and-a-half inches. I have since reviewed many things, such as the depositions and the like, which ...

Q. Okay.

A. The file, probably nine inches at least.

Q. Well, what do you get for a nine incher?

A. It all depends. It's $150 per inch of paperwork that I have to review.

Q. Is it really?

A. Yes.

Q. Per inch?

A. Per inch. As opposed to the hour...